1. Swingin'
2.  Young Girl
3.  Reggae Beach Day
4.  Jammin' Uncle Sam
5.  Negativity
6.  Oh What A Feeling
7.  Mr. Boss Man
8.  Duck & Hide
9.  Morality
10. Born To Be Free
11.  Tuna Fish
12.  Rock n roll


The Ultimate Backyard Reggae Party



The Players
Cheech Warner lead vocal, percussion, acoustic guitar
Kevin Morris bass, background vocals, percussion
Kevin berry drums, timbale, percussion
Jambo W. Phillip bubble keys, lead vocal, percussion
Barnabas Mentar keyboards, lead & background vocals
Rob Norris guitar, background vocals, capuccino machine
Michelle Morris Percussion
Tiana Warner Percussion

 Produced by Dinky Dawson

Recorded at MDI studios
engineers Bob Yen jr. & Greg Smith

Ya Mon Feel the vibe!