Northern Soul DJ

Northern Soul DJ 1965-68

A regular at The Mojo Club,Sheffield dancing to Peter Strigfellow’s inspiring DJ shows. Dinky formed ateam of DJ’s with Arthur Clover and David Growns to open two nightclubs inRotherham. First renting a church hall for the Pendulum Club, which grew tofast, so we decided to lease a function hall, which they fixed up to become theLBJ club.

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After many trips to London to dance on ReadySteady Go TV show and many all-nighters at the Mojo, Sheffield,

The Dungeon Nottingham, Twisted Wheel, Manchester and solo appearances at the Broken Wheel,Redford. It was time to make the music business Dinky’s life work.

Check out Dinky Who for the rest of the story.

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With 40 years passing and fun books about the history ofthis wonderful time, the kids of this generation are now playing the same musicwe grew up with. Along with the music so comes the same fashions. So today lookfor pajamas as school clothes along with black leotards for young ladies andMohair Suites,parkers, short Mod hair and Frank Zappa face for young men. After 40 years Dinky is thinking of sellinghis extensive record collection of Northern Soul, played at every club heperformed at. Anyone interested please send e-mail for more information.