Fleetwood Mac Shrine 69



1.  Tune Up
2.  If You Be My Baby
3.  Something Inside Of Me
4.  My Baby Sweet
5.  Albatross
6.  Before the Beginning
7.  Rolling Man
8.  Lemon Squeezer
9.  Need Your Love So Bad



Fleetwood Mac Shrine 69

The Players

Peter Green Guitar, Mouth Harp and vocals
Mick Fleetwood Drums
John McVie Bass
Jeremy Spencer Slide Guitar, Piano and vocals
Danny Kirwan Guitar and vocals

Manager Clifford Adams. Roadie.

Sound Engineer Stuart Dinky Dawson.
Roadie/Van Packer Chris Adamson. Roadie/Band Driver Dennis Keene.
Mastering Engineer Alan Douches. Business Manager Bernie Gelb.

Technical Notes (from human memory): Recorded January 25th 1969, from Tychobrae house sound system using a modified Fairchild mixing console with one out to an Ampex 2-track recorder. Recorded mono, 2 track, 7-1/2 IPS on Scotch 201 tape. Front of house components were JBL speakers. Tape digitally transferred and mastered; no baking or flaking occurred. Every attempt was made to reproduce the live, natural environment and artistry. We left the natural room and instrument feedback that happens here and there. What would a live show be without feedback?

Sit back, tune up with the players and return to the sixties! You are there. Peace and Love, brothers and sisters. Four hundred miles south of Haight Ashbury, near downtown L.A, on a Southern California winter night. Eagerly, you enter the Shrine Exposition Hall, a large cavernous, dimly lighted hall, more geared to trade shows than musical concerts. Zappa and the Mac are playing tonight. Amen! In the center, at one end of the hall, is a small elevated platform the stage. Crowded beads, long hair, flowers, beards, swaying bodies. Low hums and murmurs of anticipation hang in the air. Incense and herbal smells waft about you as your party drifts toward the stage, where four young lads are busily tuning their axes while the roadies check the gear. Check One, Two, now excitement roils the crowd. You gaze up. Is this a dream? There that are. The musicians turn around and move toward you. Suddenly the P.A. booms, One of England’s finest blues bands, Fleetwood Mac. Thank you says Peter Green. Let it Begin! Dinky Dawson October 1998.

      Feel The Music!