Matter Of Time with Lisa Jason


1.  Matter of Time
2.  My Discontent
3.  I Ain’t Lyin’
4.  OK You Win
5.  Crosses
6.  Amgelique
7.  Take Me
8.  Words Of Love
9.  How Much I Feel
10.  Pain Inside
11.  This Love is Forever
12.  Circles Of L5
13.  Go Now


Matter Of Time with Lisa Jason

The Players

Lisa Jason, Vocals
Susan Red Ferrari, Keyboards, vocals
Ed McMienimon, Guitar, vocals
Andy Bergsten, Bass, B3
John Bullet Morelli, Drums, Percussion

Produced by Dinky Dawson & Fred Danner
Recorded at Courlen Recording Studio, Hanson MA
Recording/Mixing Engineer: Fred Danner
Digital Mastering: West Side Music/Deko Music NJ.
Digital Mastering Engineer: Alan Douches
Original graphics & photo by Erik Leigh Simmons
Songs arranged by Lisa Jason, Susan Ferrari, Ed McMenimon.

Special Thanks to: Gene Parsons and Temple Studio, acoustic Stringbender on “OK You Win”, Richard Sullivan, vocals on “Words Of Love”, “How Much I Feel”, Kayla Rose & Allie Voices on “L5”, Joe Viglione for his creative input.

Recording started in early March 2000:four hours a day, three days a week, taking off a few weeks when my mother became ill. We finished the album in July and added some final touches in December. We wanted the music to make you feel the wonder of life. Our goal was to bring real music to real people, and we believe our aim was true.

So, smile, cry, feel. Matter Of Time energy is very powerful. Family and friends passed away and childeren were born as we recorded this CD. Our feeling is your feeling. Matter Of Time with Lisa Jason opens our hearts to you. (|:-{Dinky Dawson

Matter Of Time Photos