Kingdoms Rise And Fall



1.  Prayer Time & Feel The Spirit
2.  Kingdoms Rise And Fall
3.  Let Us With A Gladsome Mind
4.  Dry Up Your Tears
5.  Israel Are You Ready?
6.  Thy Kingdom Come Oh Jah
7.  Lily White Story
8.  Oh Negus It Is Surely Sweet
9.  At Even When The Sun Was Set

Kingdoms Rise And Fall.

Niah Binghi Boppa Choir

Singers and Players of Instruments

Choir Master: Patrick White.
Singers: Ras Jahn Bullock, Joseph Obeng, Arose Nielsen, Cinnamon Blair, Brother Woody and Patrick White, Papa D, Martin Scott.
Drum Troupe: Buster Middleton, Repeater and Djembe, Br. Juah, Dun-Dun Conga and Funde, John Coster, Djembe and Dun-Dun, Brother Woody Repeater, Martin Scott, Bass Drum.
Musicians: Patrick White, Guitars, Brent Nielson, Bass and Contra-bass, Brian Bender, Melodica, Horns and Keyboards, Vibes.
All tunes Arranged by Patrick White.
Producer, Dinky Dawson
Associate Producer, Patrick White.
Recording Engineer, Dinky Dawson.
Mastering by Bob Yen Jr.
Cover Art, Stephanie White,
Design, Joseph Obeng.
Recorded in the Western Bush, Massachusetts.

Special Thanks to God who has kept our Elders in all Graces through the blood of Christ, who, through out the years of longsuffering and toil, have ever kept love’s fire burning!! 

And special thanks for all the years of comfort and support to Boo Pearson.

Let music swell the breeze; and ring from all the trees.
Let free men chant!

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