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Vitamins and Supplements

Dinky started taking, 1,000 mg of Ester-C a vitamin C supplement, 400 I.U. Vitamin E,Vitamin B “100”, Oil of Evening Primrose, Gingko Biloba, Grape Seed Extract, COEnzyme Q 10, Super Polyfavonoids, Magnesium, Beta Carotene, B-12.

When the common cold showed its ugly head, Mahatma Koat had Dinky try a homeopathicmedicine, Coldcalm made by Boiron, the world’s leader in homeopathy.

Mahatma Koat had Dinky change his sleeping pillow first. He recommended Dr.Watanabe’s Sobakawa Pillow filled with Buckwheat hulls that are the perfect materialto provide support of the head and neck for maximum cooling of the head along withnumerous other benefits.

After many years of sleeping on a water bed, Mahatma Koat suggested sleeping on aSelect Comfort Air Bed, adjustable firm or soft for you and your mate individually.

Dinky started walking along the Cape Cod Canal each day getting fresh air, absorbingthe wonders of nature and seasons of change. These are all elements of good health.Exercise has become a necessary part of Dinky’s life. Mahatma Koat recommended all kinds of machines that can help with exercise, but one machine stood out the most and that is the human machine.