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Mahatma Koat


Mahatma Koat was reading a music book one day and he pondered one question:

Why does music appeal so much to humanity?

This question was answered by one of Mahatma’s mentors;

“The whole world of manifestation has it’s origin in vibration, in sound.This sound which is called nada in the Vedanta, was the first manifestation of theUniverse. Consequently the human body was made of tone and rhythm. The most importantthing in the physical body is breath, and the breath is audible; it is most audible in theform of voice. This shows that the principal signs of life in the physical body are toneand rhythm, which together make music. Rhythm appeals to a man because there is a rhythmgoing on in his body. The beating of the pulse and movement of the heart both indicatethis rhythm. The rhythm of the mind has an effect upon this rhythm that is continually inthe body, and in accordance with its influence it affects the physical body. The notesappeal to a person because of the breath. Breath is sound and its vibrations reach everypart of the body, keeping it alive. Therefore, in having an effect on the vibrations andon the atoms of the body, sound gives us sensation.”

(Azrat Inayat Khan)

Mahatma Koat is a manifestation of Dinky and has been aiding him since birth – helpinghim get through the down times and illnesses throughout his life. This Balance section isto enlighten the musician, or anyone else for that matter, on the benefits of both Westernand Eastern Medicine, giving Western and Eastern medicine their rightful place in theworld. Mahatma Koat has steered Dinky to use both Western and Eastern medicine to help himget well from a serious illness; Leucoencephalopathy (white matter on the brain).

This condition started slowly developing while Dinky was on a short tour, working soundand tour managing for Chris Whitley. Chris was opening the show for another old friend,Warren Zevon. At the beginning of the tour, Dinky felt strangely tired, and a trifle numbon the left hand side of his body. By the time Dinky and Chris had arrived in SanFrancisco with Chris, his daughter Amanda called her Mom to say Dad was slurring hisspeech and didn’t look to well. Dinky continued touring, driving to Seattle,Portland, Aspen, Denver and Minneapolis, where he went to the emergency room at the localhospital. The initial diagnosis was a small stroke, but after an examination of one of theX-rays, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

After speaking with Bruce Patron, Chris’s manager, Dinky’s wife Nancyrecommended that he call an old doctor friend, Dr. Howard Jonas who had semi-retiredmoving his practice in the North End of Boston to Vermont. Dinky had been a patient andfriend of Dr. Jonas for over 25 years. After calling Dr. Jonas from Minneapolis, Dinky goton an airplane and came to Boston to see the chief neurosurgeon at Brigham andWoman’s hospital, Dr. Peter Black.

MRI’s were taken and a biopsy was conducted. At 10:00 p.m. Dr. Black came into thehospital room to see Dinky to discuss what he had found and what could be done. Nancy wasamazed at Dr. Black; he had started at 7 am, and was still at it at 10:00 p.m. Hispersonal interaction with his patients is incredible. Dr. Black said that the good news isthat it is not a tumor; the bad news is that this condition is rare and Western Medicinehas no particular way to treat this. The only thing Western medicine suggested wasChemotherapy or steroid treatment. Both treatments come with their own complications. Dr.Black felt that the body is a wonderful instrument and he had seen cases in which the bodyhealed itself over time. He suggested a wait and see treatment.

With the illness literally in mind, what did Dinky do about this problem?

The first thing he did was start taking vitamins and supplements after researching whatwas needed to enhance the immune system.

Second, he used a visual technique, suggested by Dr. Jonas, who recommended reading aNorman Cousins book “Anatomy of an Illness”. That book talked a lot about usingvisual therapy and humor to heal the body.

Then he started walking – at first just 10 minuets a day, gradually increasing it toone hour each day.

The fourth remedy was to start a diet of grapefruit in the morning and eat more freshfruit during the day. We didn’t modify his diet right away. Even though Dr. AndrewWeil is the new guru of alternative medicine in the U.S.A. Dinky likes Mahatma Koat’sIndian pappadums too much.

The last thing Dinky did was find a licensed Acupuncture Master, who was able to workon him. Dr. Black said give this a try, as it can’t hurt, unless it hurts the pocketbook, or he gets worse from the treatment.