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Mahatma Koat recommends one of the bestreadings of the 90’s


The Mozart Effect

By Don Campbell

Sounding away Pain

The voice can be used as a masking device for severe pain.!

Let’s look at an exercise Don Campbell wrote in The Mozart Effect

Sit or stand in a comfortable position, or if you are bedridden, position yourself sothat your throat and neck are relaxed. Now close your eyes and locate the source of yourphysical discomfort. Make an ah or an ou sound (the most soothing) andvisualize the pain in your body being released through your voice. The ou sound ispronounced like the ou in the word soup.
If the pain is acute you may want to make a high ee sound. The ee and ay soundsrelease sharp pains and can help you let go of inner anger and torment. (Be sure to letanyone nearby know you are experimenting with sound and not to be alarmed.)
It takes a few minutes of toning before the pain begins to change its shape. Never strainthe voice, and rest between each minute or two of sounding. Often sounds can trigger anendorphin release that will mask the pain for a short time. Pain that has emotionalorigins may also be released, which will enable the body to heal more effectively.
Remember, there is no one sound that works for everybody or produces exactly the sameeffects. Experiment, and find the unique tone or tones that work for you.


The Mozart Effect has more exercisers regarding toning. Pick upa copy and lets all tone together. Check out


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